DJ Hoppa

Network Networth


Release Date: 1/30/2009


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Network Networth CD :





1. Intro
2. Up Jumped The Boogie Ft. Bliss N Eso
3. Never Ft. 5th Element
4. Aguardiente Ft. Chief Icono
5. Traveling Carnival Ft. AWOL ONE, Evil, Mine+US, DJ Moves
6. Sweet Addiction Ft. Cupid Le
7. Drink Drank Ft. Mine+US
8. Gargantuan Backpack Ft. General Populus
9. Get To Know You Ft. Cleen
10. I Hate Skits Ft. Mine+US & Ducano
11. Sneakers Ft. Livin’ Poetry
12. Sending My Thoughts Ft. Josh Martinez
13. Midnight Scenes Ft. Jess Imme
14. Day Job Or Bust Ft. Sirah One & The Laz Show
15. Whole Beings Ft. Acid Reign
16. Underground Killz (DJ Hoppa Remix) Ft. 2MEX, AWOL ONE, KRS-ONE


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