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The Expanders





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The Expanders is a spirited collection of classic tracks that captures the heart and soul of 1970’s Kingston Rocksteady in contemporary Los Angeles.  -Chris Castro (


1. Evilous Number
2. Something Wrong
3. Moving Along
4. Follow It
5. Careful
6. Think Ruler
7. Merciless Deeds Ft. Alex Desert & Deston Berry of HEPCAT
8. Turtle Racing Ft. Jah Faith
9. Race Is Run
10. Gone Away
11. Down In The Valley
12. Snow Beast

 Press Quotes:
“The Expanders are among the very best you’re going to hear in the larger picture of homegrown U.S.A. reggae.”
-Tom Orr (


“The Expanders are one of the best reggae bands to emerge from the L.A. area. This exciting young band has mastered the sound of classic roots”
–Chuck Foster (KPFK LA)


“The Expanders are pit bulls guarding Jamaican roots music!”
–Junor Francis (Host of “The Reggae Show” KXLU L.A)


“The Expanders’s self-titled debut is an exciting debut overall from a band whose dedication to roots music should carve them a fair niche in the American reggae landscape.”
–Chris Castro (


3 Responses to The Expanders

  1. raswawa says:

    I listen roots reggae since 1986 ,I was 13 years old today I have 40 years old and I love your style and your roots reggae music continue in this way I love you. you make very very good roots .excuse me for my english but I am french ,I wish for you a long career .JAH bless you and thanks for your music .
    – françois buquet aka raswawa

  2. kingstonjahsiah says:

    That’s what I love about original roots music,it gets into the soul(root).No matter what color or race,the truth does not discriminate.Keep up the roots vibe, very inspirational.”I don’t have education, I have inspiration, if I was educated I would be a damn fool”.Bob Marley..Aloha

  3. Sacha Thomas says:

    I am VERY impressed with this band. You show a heartfelt love, devotion and respect for the classic roots sound. You have certainly done your homework and I applaud The Expanders! One Love, Peace and Blessings.

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