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The 23-year-old Los Angeles based rapper GAVLYN, became instantly hooked on
Hip Hop following a local show in 2006.

While devoting herself to Hip Hop music full time, she remained inspired by
the 70s Funk, Spoken Word, As well as Alternative Rock, Drum & Bass and
Jungle Music she grew up listening to. She would later go on to become a
key member of The Organized Threat Movement.

“It`s important for the music to be open-minded and not to limit oneself “

GAVLYN is truly a one-of-a-kind talent. Her beats reminiscent of the
classics of the early 90s, while interspersed with modern accents.
Her unique voice, diverse flows, and her terrific live performances make
her a truly welcome change in the hip hop scene.

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from her first mix tape
release “Habit That You Blame”, Gavlyn would sign with the Broken Complex
Records Label to release her first full length album “From the Art” in
October 2012, with the video for the single “What I Do” receiving over 4
million views on YouTube so far.

After having performed primarily in the Los Angeles underground scene, the
beginning of 2013 saw GAVLYN set out on lengthy international tourings, performing with DJ Dubplates, DJ Mike Steez and Poetic Death (OGT).



Gavlyn Interview with DJ Red Viking

Gavlyn Interview with Crappy Awesome Podcast (Right Click To Download mp3)



2 Responses to Gavlyn

  1. DJYD says:

    Please as transmitted always gavlyn this letter

    Hello gavlyn
    I as a producer DJYD unnamed South Korea
    Or producer to remember the Golden Era
    That ‘s song addicted ever to come to hear the “what i do” by accident YouTube
    ‘from the art “was a classic album to inform the emergence of a remarkable woman mc
    In particular, the flow of you, Be like the flowing water actually
    I think I beat the wrap and you will look good
    im represent the real
    And then want you to wrap to my beat,

    It ‘s my album

    DJYD-Instruementaly (2012)


    I hope email by all means because there is a bit more besides this
    Once the mail when he comes, you and wraps to my beat, it’s a miracle guess in my life probably

    one luv!

  2. Chris says:

    Hey, my name is chris and I’m just starting off with my own raps. I love your flow it’s definitely unique. Well I guess I was just wonderin if you wouldn’t mind giving me a few tips sometime. If so that’d be awesome. So just hit me up. Peaceout

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